Who am I? Why am I writing this website?

My name is David Goatley, I am a British born and trained portrait painter currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. I have painted about 350 commissioned portraits in Britain, and across the USA and Canada. My subjects have included HRH Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, a Prime Minister, 3 Lt. Governors, members of government, leaders in industry, academia and the arts, and many families. Along the way I have learned some things I hope will be useful to you.

Self Portrait, oil on linen
by David Goatley

One of the most common questions I am asked by potential clients is How do I choose the right portrait painter?”  

Commissioning a portrait should be an exciting, informative and fun experience. It definitely shouldn’t be something to worry over or be anxious about. Therefore I thought I would create this website and give you my thoughts on what you might like to consider during the process of choosing who you would like to commission.

I hope some of what I have to tell you will make choosing a portrait painter an easier, more enjoyable, process.

If you have some additional questions you’d like me to address on this website, if you have any comments you’d like me to hear, or you’d simply like to say hello feel free to contact me at david@chooseaportraitpainter.com  If you’d enjoy seeing some of my work visit www.davidgoatley.com

All the best,

David Goatley

PS: Don't forget - it’s about more than just choosing a painter